Re: Your Comments

I do encourage people to leave comments about my posts here, and I've received some good ones that have taught me a few things, which is the whole reason I set this blog up in the first place. I've also received a few comments that were... well, let's just say they weren't very useful.

It IS all about me here.

I moderate the comments on this blog, and only publish the ones that I like or strike me as interesting. As I state in the "About" page:

If you have some useful insights to share, please do so in the comments. Since this is my blog, however, I reserve the right to reject any comment without any need for justification or explanation. If you don't like it, please go elsewhere - there are a lot of other good EVE blogs out there where you can comment to all of your heart's desire.

So, if you don't see your comment published, it's probably because I found it dull reading, excessively argumentative or just plain annoying.

Pithy vs. Tedious


I've had a couple comments that started off interesting - for example, did you know that Emerson did not say, "Life is a journey, not a destination"? I didn't, so I learned something new there - knowledge achieved.

But then I've received comments arguing with me about grammar, punctuation and whether or not I should have used this word when that word would have been more to the commentator's liking. Thanks - but that's not very interesting, so: comment noted, then deleted.

Agree to Disagree

I'm happy to publish comments representing opposing points of view. For example, the recent discussion on Kronos marauder fits about sniper rail vs. close-range blaster, etc., have been very helpful, I think. I know I've learned a couple things from the discussion.


However, I'm not willing to publish comments which simply restate an argument in reply to my reply to their initial comment, ad infinitum. Sometimes people just disagree and that's the way it is - further repetition adds nothing. Just like shouting louder doesn't make an argument more persuasive.

The Right to Expression

I got one comment from someone who didn't like that I moderate comments. The commenter said, "You can't deny my right to free expression!"

Please, believe me when I say that I fully support everyone's right to free expression. You can set up your own blog and I'll defend your right to post whatever you want there - guaranteed.


However, if you come into my house and spray graffiti on my wall, and tell me that's your right to do so, don't be surprised if you are no longer welcome in my home. Feel free to do that in your own home all you want, however. I'll probably go read it with interest.

In this blog, I'm just looking to have some interesting conversations. I welcome any guest who comes here looking to do the same.

Why so serious?

Finally, a sense of humor is always helpful. Sometimes I like to poke a little fun at people, and I don't mind when they do it back to me. I enjoy a little witty repartee. So, if you feel like poking back if I poke a little at your comment, please do so - I'll almost certainly publish that if it's done in good humor.

After all, this is just a blog about a game of imaginary spaceships in a pretend universe - nothing more. We aren't debating world peace or the fate of mankind here. Let's just remember that we're all doing this for fun. When it stops being fun, something is wrong.

Fly safe! o7