Prices on all minerals in New Eden suddenly spike in the Jita market, after CCP Falcon announces the banning of ISBoxer and similar input automation applications.

The above charts (from the handy Cerlestes website) tell the story. Among the types of users of automated multiboxing software, miners are perhaps the most common. With ISBoxer and similar input broadcasting applications, a player could command multiple ships to mine with extreme efficiency. With the announcement that such practices will be banned as of January 1, speculators assumed that the amount of ore that will be mined in New Eden will drop precipitously, and so, they began buying stocks of minerals in Jita in anticipation of a price rise.

Is the market over-reacting? Almost certainly - while the number of automated multiboxing miners is not known with precision, it's unlikely that the future loss of their total combined production justifies this kind of dramatic price spike, which is being fueled primarily by speculation. An increase in the price of minerals is to be expected, but it will soon level out as other miners see the opportunity to capitalize on the higher values of ores.

As for me, I intend to take advantage of these higher prices while I can. Belt mining sounds like a perfect, easy-going activity for the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Time to fire up the exhumers and the Orca!

Fly safe! o7