The Pain and Joy of EVE Online References and Tools

One of the problems with EVE Online is that CCP Games is constantly changing and adding things in the game. As players, we love this, of course. But it is a nightmare for bloggers who have published reference materials about the mechanics and background of EVE Online.

Take the case of poor Mark726, who publishes the outstanding EVE Travel blog, and the very useful Lore Survival Guide, which is attached to it. Every time CCP Games advances the in-game storyline, Mark726 has to go back to his guide and update it again. His work is never done. With the recent storm of lore-related events happening in New Eden these days, I don't envy his task.

And I pity those who publish publicly available tools and reference materials, who must also tweak and adjust whenever CCP Games releases a new update. For example, I am amazed at how well Fuzzysteve has maintained the currency of his outstanding Fuzzwork Enterprise toolset, especially after all the major revamps to industry.

And to the developers of EVE Fitting Tool, EveHQ, Pyfa, and the myriad other free tools that make this complex game a little less daunting, you have my profound sympathies. It must be awful to never be truly done with your work, as CCP Games introduces changes with every expansion cycle - and now, more frequent updates, too.

For what it's worth: to all those who publish guides, reference materials and tools for EVE Online - thank you for being so diligent. We in the player community truly appreciate it, even if you don't hear our gratitude often enough.

Some of the most useful guides, such as EVE University's UNIWiki, are updated by many people, purely out of a shared desire to be helpful to others. Still, even with many hands sharing the burden of constant updates, even the best references struggle to remain completely up to date.

I have published several reference guides (found by clicking on the "Nev's EVE Online guides" button on the main page, in the right-hand column), and they continue to be some of the most popular posts on this blog, with most readers finding them via Google searches. Not a week goes by that I'm not hailed by someone in game, thanking me for something contained in these guides. It's very ego gratifying, I must admit.

I've been sorely remiss, however, in keeping these guides up to date. Yesterday, I finally forced myself to review them, and give each a thorough scrubbing. As far as I can tell, they are now all up to date with current mechanics.

So, feel free to enjoy the updated guides on this blog - and please accept my apologies for their tardy renovations.

If you see anything amiss or askew, please send me a comment. I'll be happy to make whatever fixes are needed to make these guides useful and accurate.

Fly safe! o7