Apparently, you like guides...

This is just a quick post to tell everyone that I'm updating several guides on this site, so some of the information you find there may be a little out of sync with current practice for a short while. Please take heed if you see an "Update in progress" note heading up any of the guides. I intend to complete all guide updates before the release of the Crius update on July 22nd.

I'm starting with the Drones guide, as most of the significant changes appear to have settled down after the Kronos expansion release. And part IV on specialty drones will finally be published, too - I've had that in my draft hopper for months now, but can finally finish and publish it now.

I'm also updating the Hauling guide, as well as some other minor changes to a couple others, as a result of Kronos. I'm trying to get a handle on the scope of changes required for my Invention guide, too - the pending Crius manufacturing changes are going to alter that guide significantly. Looks like I'll have to rewrite portions of that one in late July.

You seem to like guides...


I've been pleasantly surprised to see the strong and continuing interest in the guides posted on this blog. I published my Neural Remapping advice only because I had that content in a syllabus for a class that I teach at EVE University, and it has become the most read post on this blog. Apparently, people are doing Google searches for that topic and finding that guide useful, and it now draws a continuous stream of new readers every day.

Almost equally popular are the guides in industrial fittings, invention, drones, hauling and salvaging. They consistently bring in new readers who are searching for help in demystifying the complexities of EVE Online. Clearly, there is a strong demand for this kind of content, and so I've decided to invest more time and effort in developing and posting more guides here.

The downside of this is that as EVE Online changes, the guides need to be kept up to date, so the more I add, the more maintenance they require. My intention is not to replace other invaluable references, such as the EVE University wiki, but to complement them with additional insight. So, I'll be very selective about what guides I publish here, and what content they will contain.

If you would like to see a guide on a particular EVE Online topic, please post your idea in the comments. On July 22nd, with the release of the Crius update, I'll award a free PLEX to the best suggestion.

Fly safe! o7