How to Ragequit, example #329-A

Today, I received an unsolicited EVE mail. Here it is, edited for brevity...

This was my second time around - I started EVE Online 1 year ago and played for 3 months - had issues and left...7 months later I come back for another try and try I did.

I wrote 30 pages of notes, have tons of bookmarks...I know the game pretty well now...

Then I buy 2 PLEXs and turn them in only to buy a PLEX worth of stuff to have it all lost not understanding contracts and literally being scammed by CCP in a failed courier contract to which I lost 600MIL worth of ISK items.

I realized this game is boring and boring looking...people staring at black screen full of stars and ships is insanity and even addicting...I am getting out.

I was even ready to plop down a years subscription - thank GOD I changed my mind...I will be looking at trees again in games real soon, and may even catch a fish or 2...and talk to chars that I can see and roleplay relate to...THAT IN MY MIND IS RELAXING ROLEPLAY - not having to worry about whether or not your ship or POS is gonna get ganked...

There are player names that are abusive, racist, vulgar, and BIOS that make me sick to look at.


It has been over a week since I reported my ISK loss...I am done with this chicken s*** outfit called Eve Online.

Get out man....while yer still sane - I know you been at this since its inception and I feel bad for you...DROP this CRAP next summer and go fishing in the ocean and stick yer feet in saltwater and smell the ocean breeze...if you can't, I will bottle up some ocean breeze, sand , and salt water for you - SERIOUSLY I WILL - Just send me yer address and I will ship it...

Take care and take my advice...get out of this GAME...

A Friend


Naturally, I sent the standard reply:

Can I have your stuff?

I haven't received anything back yet. (*sigh*) I never do.

Fly safe! o7