Encounter with a Jove Observatory

The giant Unidentified Structures appearing throughout all of known space have been determined to be Jove Observatories, and now appear labeled as such on overviews. I recently decided to visit one of these in a nearby high-sec system.

As has been reported by other capsuleers, the Jove Observatories now appear to be damaged. I observed two areas of damage on the structure when I warped in.

Two areas of damage appeared on the Jove Observatory that I approached, seen here at the top and bottom of the picture.

This report by pilot ReLoad documents the damage now being seen on Jove Observatories - as well as some other disturbing behavior: Circadian Seekers are attacking capsuleers more aggressively, inflicting more damage than previously, and collecting any corpses that are in the area.

I can confirm that the Seekers are indeed inflicting more damage. After approaching the Jove Observatory, a squadron of five Circadian Seekers warped in and began to attack my ship. My shields were soon gone, and I was getting into armor damage before I was able to warp off. Here is the damage log from my encounter with the Seekers:

The Circadian Seekers are inflicting more damage on capsuleer ships, using "Praedomitan Missiles".

This report from The Scope shows that the damage to the Jove Observatories is actually being caused by the Drifters themselves, as they appear to be dismantling them and taking their parts through their artificially created wormholes.

This report also confirms that Drifter Battleships are now indeed podding pilots, if they have the opportunity, and that they are beginning to drop unique items when destroyed.

I suspect that we shall see some announcements soon about how these items can be used by capsuleers to construct new technologies. I expect this will open the possibility of constructing new stargates, or other technologies that enable system movement in ways we've not yet seen possible.

Regardless, these are interesting times for pod pilots. The ongoing escalation of aggressiveness from Drifters and Circadian Seekers indicates an increasing threat from this faction of the Jove. It's likely that they are collecting corpses to construct new bodies and expand their own ranks. Whether they will eventually withdraw and disappear into their artificial wormholes, or expand their aggression further into known space, is the key question facing pilots in New Eden today.

Fly safe! o7