Talking about Industry

A quick bulletin: I'll be joining DJ Wiggles' show on EVE Radio on Sunday, July 13, at 18:00 EVE Time to talk about the coming Crius industry changes, and how CCP Games is rolling it out.  It should be an interesting discussion.

DJ Wiggles of EVE Radio

DJ Wiggles of EVE Radio

Last April, DJ Wiggles reluctantly predicted the end of EVE Online within three years, citing management issues at CCP Games. He has been a tough critic on the company's decisions, especially concerning the ongoing development of EVE Online.

He and I have been exchanging tweets recently, as we both worry about the success of the upcoming Crius expansion on July 22nd. This Sunday, we'll chat more about that and speculate on what CCP Games should do to keep the EVE Online player community happy. We may even put on our tinfoil hats and explore a few wild conspiracy theories, just for fun.

Join us on Sunday!

Fly safe! o7