Emotion Always Trumps Intellect

If you haven't seen it yet, take four minutes and watch this brilliant video from CCP Games. (Note: this contains a bit of strong language - if you're offended by such things, you can watch this censored version. It's just as good.)

CCP Games has a long history of producing great trailers for EVE Online. For a long time, I thought that "The Butterfly Effect" was their best video, but this one surpasses it in every way, especially in emotional impact. By using real dialogue by real pilots in real fleet actions in the game, it conveys what it actually feels like to be in group combat in the New Eden cluster. It is much less intellectual and far more heartfelt (quite literally) than any trailer produced by CCP Games, so far.

And it seems to be working - since the video's release, we've seen a sharp spike in new entrants into the game.

Since the unveiling of the "This is EVE" video, a wave of new players have entered the game - a testament to the trailer's effectiveness.

I'm gratified to see so many experienced veterans embracing this surge, and channeling it constructively. All of the corps oriented to helping new players - such as EVE University, RvB and Brave Newbies, among others - have all seen a sudden rush of new applicants, thanks to referrals from existing players.

Veteran players are also helping new trial players get placed in corporations, assisting in rookie help chat, and directing new players to helpful resources such as E-UNI's UniWiki, introductory-level videos, or other novice-friendly references. For example, former E-UNI director Dierdra Vaal posted a very complete and useful introduction to EVE Online on reddit - it contains lots of practical advice for making a trial account experience a good one.

CCP Games has been working hard to provide a better experience for players, especially over the last several expansion releases, but if they truly want to grow the number of pilots in New Eden, they need to continue to promote the game's impact on the heart, rather than the head. It's relatively easy to explain intellectually what is different about EVE Online's sandbox, but in order to get people to jump in and try it, you have to show them how this game, and the people who play it, make it an exciting experience. Emotion always trumps intellect - and this latest trailer capitalizes perfectly on that fact.

"Come on, boys! YEAH!"

Fly safe! o7