Another Tragic Loss

Robert Adams, pictured here with his wife, Summer

Robert Adams, pictured here with his wife, Summer

All the angst and drama we fret about in EVE Online becomes pathetically irrelevant when Real Life tragedy takes one of our own. It was announced today that one of the victims of the shootings in San Bernardino, California was Robert Adams, known to us in game as Photon Torpedo.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to solicit donations to help his family. 

Please donate if you can, and show the support of the EVE Online community.

Fly safe. o7


Show CCP Devs Some Love: Let's Buy Them Pizza!

The CCP devs don't get enough love and appreciation from the EVE Online community, if you ask me. So, I was delighted to see someone do something tangible about that issue, and I encourage everyone to join that effort.

Cornak Firefist has organized a GoFundMe campaign to buy the CCP developers some pizza for lunch. It's a little thing, but I know the devs will really appreciate the gesture.

I donated $10, and I encourage everyone to toss in a few bucks as well, if you can.

Let's buy the CCP team some lunch!

Fly safe! o7