At the 2013 Fanfest, then head of CCP Games marketing, CCP Pokethulu, announced that a special Collector's Edition would be available later that year. Celebrating the second decade of EVE Online, the Collector's Edition included a lot of trinkets and baubles of interest to dedicated EVE players. 

The EVE Online Collector's Edition included a recording of the EVE Symphony from Fanfest 2013, a nifty Rifter ship model (which doubles as a handy USB port), a beautiful commemorative book, a copy of The Danger Game, special codes which could be redeemed for special in-game prizes - and a unique Mystery Code.

One of the more interesting items included in the Collector's Edition was a "Mystery Code". Here is CCP Pokethulu describing how Mystery Code holders will be able to use it to receive special items "over the next decade":

CCP Pokethulhu describes the Mystery Code in the Collector's Edition at Fanfest 2013

I was one of the first people to order the Collector's Edition, and the Mystery Code was one of the reasons why. While the book, ship model and other codes made the Collector's Edition a good deal, the Mystery Code appealed to me, mostly because it demonstrated optimism that EVE Online would be around at least for another ten years. I envisioned myself happily redeeming my Mystery Code for items in 2023.

My EVE Online Collector's Edition Mystery Code - stored carefully for future use over the next decade.

It's difficult to find any more Collector's Editions now, mostly because the "EVE Store" is currently not functioning (a new, improved one has been promised, and I hope we have some news about it by Fanfest 2016 in April). Occasionally you will see one listed on Amazon.com at inflated prices (currently around $200). If you bought one and forgot to redeem your special items, you can do so by going to the CCP voucher page.

Mystery Code Loot, So Far

So far, Mystery Code holders have been able to acquire:

  • One PLEX...
  • A special ship for EVE Valkyrie (when available)
  • A cybernetic arm
  • An ORE Rorqual skin (provided in the summer of 2014)
ORE Rorqual skin

ORE Rorqual skin

Then CCP Pokethulu left CCP, and the Mystery Code fell into an uncertain state for a while. In December 2014, CCP Falcon and the Community team took over responsibility for the Mystery Code, as they announced in the official forums:

Soon after, in February 2015, Mystery Code holders could redeem for some special apparel items:

After almost a year, there's been no news about Mystery Code items. Those of us who invested in a Collector's Edition began to ask if CCP had forgotten about it. CCP Falcon tweeted: "We've already said that we'll only be releasing stuff for the mystery code around every 12 months or so.", and also, "Last batch was February. I rest my case."

A Missed Opportunity

The reaction from Mystery Code holders has been one of general disappointment. After the hype generated by CCP Pokethulu at Fanfest 2013, the items received so far have been somewhat of a let-down. Other than the PLEX, they have been only cosmetic items of little value - and a promise for a ship in another game, as yet to be delivered.

I expressed my own feelings about the latest Mystery Code items on Twitter:

I never expected to receive anything that might be a significant advantage in EVE Online from my Mystery Code, but so far, I've been woefully underwhelmed. It seems that CCP Games is missing a marketing opportunity here - they could use Mystery Codes to introduce things of significant interest to players, at least on a temporary basis.

I polled a handful of EVE Online players and surveyed the forums for ideas for Mystery Code items, and found a lot of very interesting suggestions, including:

  • 'Classic' character items for avatars, like the Minmatar breathing mask or the tubes the classic Jovians had.
  • Unique ship skins, for ships that more pilots actually fly
  • A Rogue Drone 'skin' for the Dominix- no additional benefits
  • The Genolution CA-5 (bonus to targeting range and signature resolution) and Genolution Omega!
  • A CONCORD Police Cruiser
  • Faction Skins for drones - or special faction drone types (like the Gecko - SoE drones?)
  • Special faction shuttles (SoE?)
  • @RixxJavix posters for display in players' in-game Captain's Quarters
  • Unique access to a special high-sec station - a "Mystery Code" club!
  • Discounts on skins through 2023
  • Access to a private lounge at Fanfest
  • Fanfest or EVE Vegas ticket discounts
  • DVDs with recordings of all the Fanfest presentations - video and audio
  • Unique ability to fly new ships or re-balanced ships first, for a limited time
  • Reclaimed Rogue Drones (captured rogue drones reprogrammed to be usable by us)
  • ORE-branded POS (or Citadel) arrays/modules
  • SoE or Guristas branded deployables (mobile depot, tractor, etc..)
  • SoE Battlecruiser in a similar style to the Gnosis

It's been almost a year since the last Mystery Code item was made available. If CCP Falcon delivers on his promise for new items every 12 months, we should expect to see some new items released soon.

I'd like to challenge CCP Falcon and the Community team to get creative with the Mystery Code - use it to introduce some truly interesting items for use in game, or for some special discounts that are truly valuable. I don't think anyone wants Mystery Code items to give special advantages in game, but we'd really like to see some things that make us say, "Oh, now that's really cool."

If you agree with me, post something on Twitter, using the hashtag #StopMysteryCodeNeglect. 

Fly safe! o7