More Tidbits from EVE Vegas

Yesterday was the opening keynote for the EVE Vegas player convention, which I covered in my previous post. Today, the second day of the event, included a series of roundtable discussions and player presentations.

I live tweeted key points of news from the events that I attended, as did EVE lore god Mark726 and a few other dedicated EVE Online fans. (Thanks, Mark726 - I hope you don't mind that I stole a few of your tweets in this report.)

If you use Twitter, and you aren't following me, you can do so at @NevilleSmit.

I am recapping the key tweets here, for the record. I'll comment on some of these bits of news in future posts. I did not attend every session, but I tried to capture all the items that were broadcast throughout the day.

  • CCP Larrikin explained new NPC mining ops using new AI: they fly ORE ships and actually mine ore in belts.
  • New NPCs drop strongboxes for sweet loot - you can sell the strongboxes in the market, or you can try to open them and take what's inside:
  • Haulers will show up to take the ore away. They will be doing something with the ore, but Larrikin won't say what yet.
  • Attacking NPCs in belts cause support ships to appear and defend. Act like players act with very similar fits.
  • Attacking the ops will drop standings. If you attack or have low standings, the ops ships will try to call for help and run away.
  • NPC fleets will be very close to player fleets. Will have an FC that they anchor on and will have ECM and logistics.
  • New NPCs have a little diamond after their name in the overview.
  • There will be pirate mining ops as well.
  • Larrikin emphasized that they want PvE skills to translate to PvP skills.
  • New NPC AI won't jump gates now, but "very soon" says CCP Larrikin. There are plans for NPCs to react to players on a "global scale". Plan is for NPCs to react to players' fleet compositions.
  • Will Thukkers get mining ops? Hopefully. There are things CCP wants to do in Great Wildlands.
  • No new AI NPCs in drone regions, but there are plans for them later.
  • New NPC AI mining ops will not be in wormhole space. The NPCs don't know how to probe, and will only go to static belts.
  • There are new Defender missiles, designed to take out bombs - acronym is DICKS - only one launcher per Destroyer-class ship:
  • New defender missile stats:
  • Re: new Defender missiles - their hit probability is completely random. Staggering firing helps to optimize effect.
  • DICKS can be fitted on all destroyers, including Tech II varieties.
  • Medium-term structures development roadmap:
  • Drop boxes will be way to get stuff into citadels without docking. Will let you complete courier contracts without docking rights.
  • Also looking at tethering changes to reduce bumping.
  • Will Engineering Complexes show super caps being built? CCP Fozzie says alliance logos on ships are a higher priority, but yes, eventually.
  • Any job that is active in an EC have a chance of dropping loot and will show in killmails. You will NOT see anything going into asset safety.
  • Ships can now undock from Citadel and self-destruct while tethered - CCP will stop this at some point in the future.
  • Balance priorities:
  • Proposed changes to recharge rates:
  • Possible idea under consideration - community fittings:
  • CCP Fozzie says alliance fittings are "maybe, someday".
  • Any plans to bring back mines? No. They're not fun and create system performance issues.
  • There is a possibility of a hardcore clone state with permadeath added in the future. No firm plans to do this yet, but it would be extremely easy to implement now.
  • CCP Rise says they will keep tinkering with dailies rewards to help give Alphas a bit of a leg up for training/gaining skillpoints.
  • The Council of Stellar Management noted that there is an in-game chat channel called "CSM" where members hang out to answer questions - players are invited to join.
  • All the CSM members agree that the CSM institution isn't going anywhere, as CCP Seagull, Executive Producer of EVE Online, strongly believes in it.
  • Jayne Fillon, leader of Spectre Fleet, talked about being an EVE Online content creator.
  • J Mcclain talked about social support networks in EVE Online, and shared his own personal story of how EVE players helped him in his time of need.
  • J Mcclain and Mom Bellicose reminded everyone that all of EVE Online is one big social network.
  • Mynxee and Johnny Splunk, co-founders of the Signal Cartel, talked about creating a counter-culture in EVE Online.
  • Rahne led a panel of EVE Online live streamers:

Tomorrow is the last day of EVE Vegas, with sessions on the "Inception" new player experience, lore roundtable, more interesting player presentations, and the closing ceremony. I will try to capture the key points and report them here.

Fly safe! o7