New Favorites

Not long after launching this blog two years ago, I started maintaining a list of links to handy EVE Online tools and utilities, mostly for my own convenience, on the home page. Soon after, I added links to EVE-related news sites and blogs that I liked, and soon after that, some links to EVE podcasts of quality. Most recently, I compiled a list of links to resources about EVE Online lore, which I've found helpful for deciphering in-game news and events.

There are many, many good sources of information about EVE Online - far too many to read regularly. So, I only maintain links to media that I find consistently useful or entertaining, or both. And I only check a small number of these every day - I've written about these favorite sites previously.

I've since heard from a few of my fellow EVE Online fans, who asked why I did not include their preferred blogs in my favorites list. Generally, their exclusion is not due to any detriment in quality, but rather to their utility to me in supporting my style of play in EVE Online - semi-casual, industrial-oriented, and mostly in high-sec. Other players certainly will have a different list of favorites than mine, and they should, reflecting their preferred playstyles.

Nevertheless, these complaints have caused me to take another look at the myriad of choices available, and I have found myself visiting some additional sites with greater frequency, warranting their inclusion in my acknowledged list of favorites. If you aren't familiar with these EVE Online information resources, be sure to check them out.


OK, Rixx Javix, you've won me over, finally. I'm not a pirate and will never be one, but your site often celebrates more than just the joys and tribulations of being a low-sec privateer. And so, I now find myself dropping by on a daily basis, just to see what creative endeavors you've been up to lately, in and about New Eden.

For those who don't know Rixx, he's a very talented professional artist, profoundly nice guy (we met at Fanfest this year), and leader of Stay Frosty, one of the more successful and fun-focused pirate corps in EVE Online. He has long been at the vanguard of promoting fan-generated artwork in the EVE Online community. He also dislikes warp core stabilizers, and pilots who fit them over-enthusiastically.

EVEOGANDA is a consistently entertaining site to visit, and Rixx's point of view is always interesting and engaging. He also writes clearly and well - qualities that sadly are missing in far too many EVE Online blogs. He posts frequently on a wide variety of EVE-related topics, so it's definitely worth checking out on a regular basis, even if you aren't a filthy pirate. Be sure to buy his cool posters, too.

New Eden Update

This is a new podcast, but wow - is it done well! Produced expertly by EVE-Radio's DJ Wiggles and Dirk MacGirk, the folks who brought you the super-handy Total EVE! news digest site, each episode is only a few minutes long, summarizing the key stories about EVE Online that day. They even include a quick daily report on trends in mineral and PLEX prices.

Two things jump out at me when I listen to NEU episodes: the production is at professional broadcast standards, and the writing is extremely tight and pithy. NEU really raises the quality level far above the average EVE-related podcast.

Plus, their editorial selection is spot-on perfect. Wiggles and Dirk focus on the important news events, with the occasional special interest story for color. But each report is brief, relating only the salient points. They list useful links on their website for those who want more details.

The two hosts alternate delivery of each episode. They each have their own respective narration style, but they both do so with an air of professionalism that is in stark contrast to the relaxed fan-generated content we hear in other EVE-focused podcasts.

I only hope they can keep up the consistency in delivery. NEU has become a staple part of my daily EVE Online diet.

The Neocom

I admit that I did not particularly like this podcast when it first came out, finding the initial episodes overlong and unfocused, but with each new release, the quality improves. I now find myself listening to each episode with enthusiasm.

Further, the website that hosts The Neocom has proven to be an interesting read, as well. Some of the articles and links there are truly useful, especially to new players. This is no surprise, since the hosts Proto and Kira both hail from the new-player friendly corp, Brave Newbies.

Definitely worth revisiting, if you haven't checked it out recently.

EVE Entity Timezone Activity Calculator

I have no idea who created this incredible utility, but thank you, whomever you are. The aforementioned Rixx Javix posted a tweet linking to this site, and I've been playing with it for the last couple of days, analyzing the play habits of a few friends and enemies.

This utility analyzes the last 1,000 kills of a player, corporation or alliance, and charts activity by time zone, so that you can see when certain entities in New Eden prefer to log in and wreak havoc. Plus, the charts just look cool.

reddit gives me a headache

Someone asked me why I don't list the EVE thread on reddit in my list of recommended links. The reason is simple: I don't recommend it.

Yes, there is some useful information to be found there, and occasionally there is something of value and high interest published, but to put it bluntly, most of the EVE-related posts on reddit are evidence that too many brain-damaged people have access to the Internet. The commentary that follows a post often devolves into insipid propaganda, or veers wildly off on tangents that are such a non sequitur, I find myself saying "WTF?" with great frequency. In fact, I now have a rule when reading reddit: I allow myself to continue reading until I have said "WTF?" to myself three times. This usually takes less than five minutes.

Today, parts of reddit went down for a while, due to some kerfuffle about an admin getting fired, and this ensuing tweet pretty much summarizes my point of view on reddit as a useful EVE Online resource:

Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

Build your own favorites

If you don't have your own list of routinely reviewed EVE Online sites, I encourage you to build one. I probably spend 30 minutes to an hour per day perusing my list, usually while munching a sandwich for lunch. I always find it highly enjoyable, and sometimes extremely useful. New Eden is a big place, and the EVE Online community is extremely creative, so you are definitely missing out if you're not checking out the media with some regularity.

Fly safe! o7