CSM X Election Results

The first day of Fanfest 2015 is complete, and it's been a fun day in Reykjavik for EVE Online enthusiasts. From my perspective, the highlights of the day included:

  • More details about changing sovereignty mechanics in null-sec
  • Plans for new and improved structures in space
  • Ways to make our ships more colorful
  • More secure two-factor authentication for logging into the game through the launcher
  • Significant advances in the game lore

However, I want to wait until after the closing presentation on Saturday before publishing any final evaluation of what we heard, since we were promised more details still to come over the next two days. The bottom line: so far, I am encouraged by what I saw and heard.

Congrats to CSMX!

The winners of the tenth election of the Council of Stellar Management (CSMX) were announced duing the EVE Online keynote by Executive Producer CCP Seagull today. Three weeks ago, I published a list of candidates for whom I was going to vote. How did my chosen candidates do?

My Winners

  • Mike Azariah - as I said in my previous post, Mike most closely aligns with all of my interests in EVE Online. But I was worried that he might not be re-elected, as it seemed to me that his cross-constituency support was waning in this election. Fortunately,  my concerns were unfounded, and Mike can continue his good work on the CSM as its "elder statesman".
  • Sugar Kyle - easily the hardest working member of CSM9, excellent communicator, and solid representative of low-sec interests, I was not at all surprised to see Sugar get re-elected. In fact, she secured enough votes to earn one of the two permanent seats on CSM X, so she will be traveling to Reykjavik to attend each summit meeting in person. Last night, I had the opportunity to meet with Sugar, and I'm afraid I kept her up far too late by peppering her with endless questions, supported by Nosy Gamer. I can say that Sugar is a very impressive person indeed, genuinely passionate about EVE Online, our community, and about the future prospects for the game. She has the work ethic, force of personality, and well-balanced sense of tact needed to help pull CSM X together as a team, and get results.
  • Steve Ronuken - I was also not surprised to see Steve re-elected. A quiet, diligent worker who gets results without drama, he brings a unique set of needed expertise, in both third-party development and industry - and both will be invaluable to CSM X.
  • Corbexx - a highly effective representative of the wormhole community, Corbexx earned his re-election by helping CCP see what changes needed to be made to revitalize and improve that space. I talked with him and Steve briefly yesterday, and both could not be more optimistic and dedicated to the future success of EVE Online.
  • Jayne Fillon - an articulate supporter of the NPSI community, I'm pleased that Jayne got a spot on CSM X. I agree with his ideas on the current wardec system (i.e., scratch it and replace it with something that is actually meaningful). I think he could be a very good contributor to CSM X's success, if he can remember to remain diplomatic - something he has not always demonstrated consistently in the past. Still, I remain hopeful that he'll take cues from Sugar and Mike in this regard.
  • Chance Ravinne - while I was very impressed with Chance's interview on Cap Stable, and by his positive attitude, I was not optimistic that he would be able to garner enough cross-constituency support to get elected. Fortunately, he was able to do exactly that. Chance has some really interesting ideas for expanding the player base with some creative marketing approaches. His passion and work ethic should make him a good addition to the CSM X team.

My Losers

  • Ashterothi - I love the Hydrostatic Podcast, and I hoped that Ash would be able to leverage that exposure into sufficient support to earn a seat. But it's clear that failed to materialize. Better luck next year, Ash.
  • Xander Phoena - clearly, the Xander-Sion debates in the latter stages of the CSM X election did not help Xander's re-election chances. By his own admission, he won a seat on CSM9 because of broad support from the CFC, which evaporated when he joined Pandemic Legion. This is unfortunate, because you can't find a more dedicated person to the EVE Online community than Xander.
  • Bam Stroker - I liked Bam's dedication to developing the out-of-game player community, and I hoped that as a member of PL, he might garner enough null-sec votes to squeak into CSM X. Alas, it was not to be. I hope he runs again next year.
  • Psianh Auyvander - the mercenary community has been woefully under-represented on the CSM, and Psianh would have provided a balanced perspective. It's disappointing that he was unable to garner broad enough support to earn a slot. Again, I hope he runs again next year.
  • Khador Vess - though he was the obvious candidate from Red vs. Blue, it seems that RvB threw most of their support to Jayne Fillon this year, which surprised me. Khador is another candidate that I hope to see on the ballot again next year.

The Rest

I knew that the major null-sec power blocs were going to align behind their respective candidates, and they did as predicted. Overall, the vote was up 18 percent over last year, with more than 36,000 votes cast, but it appears that much, if not most, of the increase came from 0.0-based players. This is not surprising since those players were highly motivated to vote by the ongoing changes to null-sec game mechanics.

Of the null-sec bloc candidates, I hoped that Endie and Manfred Sideous would be victorious, because they can each provide much-needed sov system expertise, and indeed both did secure positions on CSM X. In fact, Manfred won one of the two permanent seats, indicating that he got some cross-bloc support.

I did not include Calgali Calgali, the Brave Newbies bloc candidate, on my voting list, as I frankly was not that impressed by his CapStable interview. I also figured he was a lock for a seat, regardless, based on that group's huge size. I now confess that I'm happy to see him on CSM X, as he clearly supports improving the new player experience - a personal passion of mine.

As for the rest, it was clearly a good turnout for the 0.0 blocs.

  • Sion Kumitomo - Goon bloc candidate.
  • Thoric Frosthammer - another Goon bloc candidate.
  • corebloodbrothers - Provibloc candidate.
  • Gorga - Nulli candidate.
  • Sort Dragon - Darkness alliance candidate.

The Final Tally

Altogether, eight of my 13 recommended candidates won, which isn't terrible. And the STV method once again provided representation of different constituencies. CSM X includes candidates from every type of space: high sec, low sec, w-space and 0.0. But it isn't a perfect system - relative to the actual distribution of EVE Online players, 0.0 is definitely over-represented. The non-nullsec members of CSM X may have to have to fight hard to be heard, but knowing their personalities, I am optimistic.

Fly safe! o7