Preparing for Fanfest 2015

I am going to Fanfest again, next week. This will be my fourth pilgrimage to Reykjavik to hobnob with my fellow capsuleers.

I plan to arrive early the morning of Tuesday, March 17, after flying overnight from JFK. After checking in to the Centerhotel Klopp, I'll probably wander down to the Laundromat Cafe for some breakfast. I like to arrive a couple days early before Fanfest officially begins, to get my internal timezone resynchronized. It also gives me an opportunity to reconnect with other early arriving space-friends, and get reacquainted.

CCP has released the Fanfest agenda, and what a good schedule it is, indeed. It's going to be difficult to pick among the different sessions. The addition of more player-run presentations looks like a great idea - they appear to be among the most interesting parts of the agenda.

I've decided to attend the most interesting sessions that aren't going to be recorded on the live stream, figuring I can always go back later and watch those on YouTube, after I get home. That will mean that I will miss some of the initial news on popular features, but I'll have more exposure to discussions that aren't generally available later. In the long run, that will mean I'll get more content for my investment in Fanfest.

Last year, I packed my schedule with lots of extra events, like the charity banquet and the pub crawl. They were fun, but it made for a hectic time. This year, I'm just planning to hang out with people, which is the best part of Fanfest. Another contingent of E-UNI pilots are coming again this year, and we usually hang out in the lobby bar of the Centerhotel Thingholt each evening. All are welcome to join in!

I'm also looking forward to meeting up with my new writing team colleagues from the Crossing Zebras news site. I'm told that Scotsmen enjoy a drink every once in a while, and I'm eager to see if those rumors are true.

DUST University CEO Dennie Fleetfoot with  CCP Saberwing, at last year's Fanfest.

DUST University CEO Dennie Fleetfoot with CCP Saberwing, at last year's Fanfest.

CCP added an official costume contest this year, and I'm wondering what Dennie Fleetfoot, fellow E-UNI graduate and now CEO of DUST University, plans to wear for it. His DUST514 uniform from the last couple of years was impressive. From his recent Tweets, I think he's planning to outdo himself this time.

I noticed that fellow blogger NoizyGamer, who I met at last year's Fanfest, is also planning to take it easy this year. I have a feeling we will be chatting at the Celtic Cross, having a few beers and discussing Internet spaceships - especially on Tuesday, which is Saint Patrick's day. Being of Irish extraction, it's a cultural obligation that I procure at least a couple celebratory pints on that auspicious occasion.

And yes, Noizy, if CCP releases any dev blogs during Fanfest this year, I will do another dramatic reading of them in the Thingholt lobby bar. :-)

Unfortunately, the weather does not look good. It's bitterly cold, windy and snowing this week, though that is expected to turn to rain next week. A clear view of the partial solar eclipse the morning of Friday, March 20th, looks unlikely, sadly.

Regardless of the weather, Fanfest is always a fantastic event and a great celebration of all things EVE Online, and I'm looking forward to another short vacation with my fellow pod pilot aficionados. If you are planning to attend, and you see a big middle-aged guy in a black EVE University shirt, with "Neville Smit" on his name tag, be sure to say hello! I may buy you a cool adult beverage, and we can happily chat about our respective adventures in New Eden.

Fly safe! o7