My Votes for CSM X

The tenth iteration of the Council of Stellar Management (CSM X) is now open to selection by the EVE Online subscriber base. The number of candidates running for the 14 positions on the CSM more than doubled over last year, with 77 qualified nominees contending. With so many options, it's easy to get confused about who should get your vote - but fear not, dear reader!

I am sure that I am one of the few who listened to every single Cap Stable interview and analysis roundtable discussion and reviewed all of the candidate forum posts. And after some deliberations, I have come to a decision about who will be on my CSM voting slate this year.

Because the CSM is elected through a Single Transferable Vote (STV) process, how you select the number and order of preference of candidates is important. I gave some general advice for how you should select and cast your CSM ballot in a post last year, and that advice still holds true. The bottom line: vote for at least six candidates, at a minimum, and vote for candidates that represent your own self-interests. If everyone votes in this way, the STV system does a good job of selecting a fair cross-representational group.

I outlined my particular interests and priorities in a previous post, and my selections reflect those positions. If your criteria closely resemble mine, then you should select a list of candidates that are very near my own selections.

You will note that I have not selected any null-sec bloc candidates. They are a virtual lock for winning at least six positions on the CSM, because their respective constituencies are well organized and will unify behind their leadership's directives. My endorsements would complement the null-sec bloc candidates with a representative cross-section of other important player types in EVE Online.

1. Mike Azariah - of all the candidates, Mike most closely aligns with all of my interests in EVE Online. And he's done a terrific job over the last two terms. He deserves to be re-elected and continue his good work as the "elder statesman" of CSM X.

2. Sugar Kyle - the hardest working member of CSM9, a brilliant and tireless communicator, and valued representative of low-sec interests, Sugar definitely needs to be re-elected.

3. Steve Ronuken - an expert in CREST and third-party development, Steve brings some unique and valuable talents to the CSM. He also just gets the work done, without drama.

4. Ashterothi - I'm a big fan of the Hydrostatic Podcast, and Ashterothi impressed me with his ideas in his Cap Stable interview. I'm all for integrating the lore of New Eden more actively in our gameplay, and I think he would bring some fresh ideas to CSM X.

5. Xander Phoena - perhaps my most controversial selection. Full disclosure: I contribute periodically to Xander's website, Crossing Zebras. Xander has been a passionate contributor to CSM9, though some may fault his style as being less than diplomatic at times. Nevertheless, I think he's proven that he brings an independent point of view that is very useful to the CSM. He works hard, and he gets results. I think he definitely deserves to be re-elected.

6. Corbexx - a diligent and effective representative of the wormhole community, Corbexx richly deserves to be re-elected to continue his good works.

7. Bam Stroker - he probably doesn't remember it, but Bam interviewed me at Fanfest a couple years ago for his EVE Down Under podcast. He made a favorable impression on me then, and that has only grown as he has developed the out-of-game player community, something that lacks a voice on the CSM. Bam would certainly change that, and for the better.

8. Jayne Fillon - an articulate representative of the NPSI community, I think Jayne deserves a role in CSM X. I also like his ideas on the current wardec system very much (i.e., scratch it and replace it with something that is actually meaningful).

9. Psianh Auyvander - the mercenary community has been woefully under-represented on the CSM, and it needs some attention. I don't agree with all of Psianh's ideas, but I do like his credentials, and his balanced point of view. He'd be a good addition to CSM X.

10. Khador Vess - RvB candidate - anyone who so ardently supports the development of new players is someone I can get behind.

11. Chance Ravinne - I must admit, I was most impressed with Chance's interview on Cap Stable, and I really like his attitude. He's done a lot in EVE Online in a relatively short time, and his passion for the game is infectious. More importantly, he has some great ideas for expanding the player base with some interesting marketing approaches. He'd be a useful CSM X representative.

That is who I intend to vote for - and I wish them all good luck!

Of the null-sec bloc candidates, I hope that Endie and Manfred Sideous are victorious, in particular, because they can each provide much-needed expertise as the highly anticipated Great Null-Sec Fix gets underway during CSM X's term. I will probably put them at the end of my list, though they almost certainly will gain nothing from my gesture.

CSM X voting opens on February 25th and closes on March 10th - the final results will be  announced at Fanfest, March 19th-21st, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Be sure to VOTE!

Fly safe! o7