Behold, Crius

Tomorrow morning, Crius, perhaps the most significant expansion in EVE Online's history since 2009's Apocrypha, will be released. Crius' wide-sweeping overhaul to nearly every aspect of industry will change just about everything about how things are built in New Eden.

If successful, Crius will make industry more accessible to players, and provide a more surmountable learning curve, giving more people an incentive to become industrial entrepreneurs in the game. The user interface has been dramatically improved, and it provides more visual and accessible information about how different aspects of industry work, making it easier to learn and operate.

Crius introduces a new user interface for industry, which provides useful information in a more accessible style.

Tomorrow morning, as soon as my patch is installed, I will rush to install two small player-owned starbase (POS) towers in a high-sec system. Crius removes standings requirements to anchor POS towers, and opens up new moons in high-sec space that were heretofore unavailable to capsuleers for establishing their industrial operations. I anticipate that it will be quite a "land rush" as pioneering industrialists seek to lay their claim on these new systems. I only hope I can get to my intended moons first.

I'm very proud to report that my former corp, EVE University, has done an outstanding job in developing guides for anyone trying to learn the new industrial mechanics. One of my last acts before leaving the Director of Education post at E-UNI was to initiate a project to collate and publish a Crius industry update on the EVE University wiki. Our Teaching Manager at the time, Kivena, took command of this project. He and his team of dedicated teachers and content contributors have put together the definitive compendium about Crius industry methods and practices. I recommend it highly to anyone who wants an orientation to all things industrial in EVE Online.

I'm also delighted that Kivena has been appointed to succeed me as Director of Education at E-UNI. He'll do an excellent job, and will carry on the mission of helping EVE Online players to succeed and have more fun in the game.

Cautious Optimism

I'm excited about Crius, but I'm very curious about what impact it will have on the economy of New Eden. Will prices go up, or down? Will it be possible for industrialists to operate profitably in high-sec or low-sec, or will all of the profits veer into null-sec space? Can industry continue to be a profitable activity for solo players, or will it become the exclusive domain of large, dedicated industrial groups?

I suspect that no one knows the answers for sure yet - not even CCP Games. Certainly, the pendulum of profitability for industry will swing towards null-sec with Crius, but will it leave enough room for industrialists in other types of space to succeed as well? That is a critical question which I plan to explore over the next few months, as I attempt a deliberate experiment as a solo industrialist in high-sec. I will report on my experiences routinely in this blog

My initial estimates and broad calculations tell me that I should be able to make a decent profit making Tech II modules in high-sec after Crius debuts - but we shall see how it actually plays out.

There have been a few speculative blog posts about what will happen after Crius. Of the most interesting, mynnna's blog post makes some fairly specific predictions, and is worth a close read. As a member of CSM9, and one of the strongest contributors to the industrial changes, he almost certainly knows more about Crius than anyone else, I suspect. He is also a Goon and a null-sec resident - and as a result, will be one of the beneficiaries of Crius, so bear that in mind as you read his post. But to his credit, and to that of the entire CSM9 team, Crius' buff to null-sec industry is balanced somewhat by expected increases in shipping costs. I anticipate that Crius will not cause a wholesale move of all industrial profits into 0.0 space.

I could be wrong, however, and Crius may very well be a complete disaster for industry in Empire space, as some cynical pundits insist. But for now, on the eve of Crius' release, I am cautiously optimistic.

Happy Patch Day - I Hope

So, I go now to set up long skills to train in my characters' queues, just in case. And I'll reprocesses a bunch of loot I've had on hand for ages, since Crius will be less generous in that regard. And I'll get my industrial ships ready to deploy my new POS towers. Finally, I'll await downloading and installing the new patch with great anticipation, and hope for the best.

Happy Crius patch day, everyone.

Fly safe! o7