A Tale of Internet Spaceships

Last year, a group of enthusiastic filmmakers decided to make a documentary about EVE Online, and what has made it unique in the gaming world. I was impressed by their ambition, and so I donated some funds to their cause.

Now, the film has been completed, and is available to all to view:

Based mostly on interviews conducted at Fanfest 2013, this documentary does not shy away from some of the controversial aspects of EVE Online. I think they did a fantastic job presenting a fair picture of why people care so much about flying their virtual spaceships, and why the spirit of our community is so important to the game's continued success.

I showed this video earlier today to a couple of friends who do not play EVE Online, in hopes that it would help explain why I am so passionate about the game. A clear measure of the success of this documentary is that, after watching the film, both immediately decided to give EVE Online a try themselves.

This is definitely worth an hour of your time - watch it! And kudos to the ATOIS team!

Fly safe! o7