My Favorite EVE Online Blogs


This fledgling weblog is just one of many dedicated to EVE Online. I read a lot of them, almost every day. Some are not so great, many are uneven, and a few are truly insightful and useful.

What makes a good EVE online blog? To be frank, I'm still trying to figure that out, but based on the reading I've done so far, the best ones all excel in several important ways:

  • Accuracy - the best blogs provide high quality content, with minimal errors or gaffes - or when they make an occasional goof, they admit it and correct it quickly. You can count on them to get their content right.
  • Audience identification - the best blogs know who they are talking to, and how they should be addressed. For EVE Online blogs, that almost always means they are talking to fellow players, and they know how to speak to them clearly, respectfully and meaningfully.
  • Frequency - the best blogs follow a predictable pattern in how often they update. This does not mean that more is necessarily better - but blogs that post new content on a regular cycle are better than those that go dormant for inexplicable periods.
  • Point of view - the best blogs have a voice. That is, they write from a particular perspective, and that point of view is never concealed from the reader. You may disagree, or even dislike, that perspective, but knowing where the blogger is coming from is half the journey to understanding.
  • Insight - the best blogs are the ones that make you say to yourself, "Hmmm, I did not know / realize / understand that, until now."
  • Fun - the best blogs don't take themselves or this subject matter too seriously. EVE may be "real" but it's not really critical to mankind's survival, relatively speaking - the best blogs remember that.

Given these criteria, what EVE Online blogs do I find myself going back to, again and again? Here they are, in no particular order:

  • The Altruist - Azual Skoll is a PvP master, and his blog is full of wonderfully useful insights on surviving combat in New Eden. This is because he not only practices his craft, but he also develops theories about it, and then tests them. He does not update his blog as frequently as others do, but it doesn't matter - every article is a perfectly-cut gem.
  • Jester's Trek - I don't always agree with Ripard Teg's opinions, but he is a consistent blogging machine who provides frequent and useful commentary on matters in New Eden. His player guides are also quite excellent. If my own blog ever becomes half as good as Jester's Trek, I will consider that a respectable accomplishment.
  • The Mittani dot com - You have to understand the perspective of the publisher (the leader of Goonswarm) and filter the content accordingly, but TMDC has become one of the most useful EVE Online news and commentary sites. Required reading for anyone playing EVE regularly.
  • EVE News24 - It's always good to check multiple news sources on the same story, so you get a complete perspective on events, so I check EVE News24 from time to time. You should, too.
  • Interstellar Privateer - Rhavas is steeped in EVE lore, and he is highly knowledgeable about some of EVE Online's finer points. He's also a clear and engaging writer. Worth a look-see every week, at least.
  • The Nosy Gamer - another well-written blog, with lots of interesting personal insights and commentary on EVE events from . This blog is one of those that shows me some different perspectives from time to time - and therefore deserves a hearty recommendation.
  • EVE Travel - a truly beautiful blog, it is an excellent travelogue about wonderful faraway destinations in New Eden. Mark726 is also the author of the fascinating EVE Lore Survival Guide, so he really knows his stuff.
  • Crossing Zebras - my favorite EVE podcast and occasional blog site, Xander Phoena does a great job asking the tough questions, and getting good answers. His interviews of the CSM8 candidates were outstanding. I listen to every one of his podcasts now - check it out.

I have a bookmark folder with over 40 EVE-related blogs, and I try to visit them all every couple of weeks. They each have their own merits and faults, but I never tire of checking them out. If you don't have a similar folder of EVE sites, I encourage you to start with the ones above, and add your own favorites as you discover them.

Did I miss your favorite blog? Send me a comment and if I agree, I'll add it to my Favorite EVE Links, too.

Fly safe! o7