NevFest Classes Marathon!

I freely admit that I love to teach new pilots in EVE Online. I remember how confused I felt when I was first starting out. Finding someone who could explain some EVE mechanic so that I really understood it was something I really appreciated. I get the same kind of grateful response from our new students in EVE University. It's very ego gratifying.


I have been tied up in an all-consuming Real Life work project the last couple of months, so I haven't been able to teach classes as often as I'd like. So, to make up for my deficit, I'm doing an 8+ hours marathon of introductory-level EVE Online classes from 14:00 until 22:30 EVE time on Friday, November 29th.

Everyone is welcome to join! Virtually all EVE University classes are available to anyone on our public Mumble server. If you've never attended an E-UNI class before:

If you come to any of my classes, my only requirement is: bring 1 ISK. You'll find out why at the end of each class. I hope to see you there!

Fly safe! o7